Alpine Hunting

Because of the terrain and their ability to literally run across sheer cliff faces, the cunning Chamois & Tahr present the hunter with a incredibly challenging experience which tests the skills of even the most accomplished hunter.

Their speed and agility in this environment is something to behold and has to be seen to be believed. Our foot hunting is carried out in DARK SKY on some of New Zealand's finest alpine properties where we have total access. 

The flight in, out and about this spectacular region will live with you forever.

  • Tahr


    Hermitragus jemlahicus

    New Zealanders have had an affinty with the Himalayas since May 29th 1953 when New Zealander Ed Hillary became the first man to stand on top of the world. Mount Everest had been conquered or as Sir Ed so eloquently put it... "... knocked the bastard off." In 1904 Himalayan Bull Tahr were released near the Hermitage at Aoraki/Mount Cook.  This region of the Southern Alps is as perfect a habitat they could ever have hope for outside of their native habitat in the Himalayas.

    Their ‘Rut’ is from May to July.  This period, gives the hunter the best chance to bag the best hides, neck capes and horns. This is their peak season, when they're in their prime and the environment and surrounds are at their most challenging. We do however hunt Tahr all year round and the bulls sport their dark long winter skins from April through to October. 
  • Chamois


    Rupicapra rupicapra

    Imagine an incredibly agile mountain antelope with the sharpest of senses running right towards you, then suddenly running off making a sharp whistling noise on departure. The Chamois is one of the most fascinating animals in the world to hunt, purely because of their bizarre antics and playful ways of socialising during their rut.

    This gift from Franz Joseph I, the Austrian Emperor were introduced into the Aoraki/Mount Cook region in 1907 and are best stalked from above as they tend to look beneath them when looking for danger. It’s an exciting, challenging and eventful experience for anyone up for the hunt.