Calibre Taxidermy and Stravon is a partnership that provides the hunter with a ‘one stop shop’ that effectively keeps the entire event under one roof.
This turn-key operation, the only one of it‘s kind in New Zealand, consistently produces trophies of the highest calibre for our international and domestic hunters & anglers, exporting to all corners of the globe, from Dallas, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska even up State Highway One to beautiful Kaikoura.

Knowing that our work and these fine New Zealand exports are taking pride and place in basements, living rooms, garages, restaurants and trophy rooms throughout the world keeps us highly motivated and very much on our toes.

A good mount like any piece of good art should tell one heck of a story about not only the hunt but the experience that surrounds it. Our craft must not only reflect this but it must capture, respect and preserve the very life and existence of the animal.

That is of the utmost importance to us.