Natural Magic

Simply put, New Zealand is a magical place to photograph or film.
It is an area where snow-capped mountains, rivers of ice, deep lakes, the nights sky, unbroken forests and tussock grasslands produce a untouched landscape of exceptional beauty. Some of this planets best examples of wildlife and fauna exist here and the opportunities to capture these once in a lifetime images will present themselves around literally every corner. During the day, sit snugly & patiently under Stravon's canopy whilst focusing in on our unique wildlife and natural surrounds. Get up close and personal with a Red Stag during The Roar and observe nature doing what it does best or capture the incredible agility of a Chamois or Tahr in full flight. 

At night the region turns into a world heritage site, the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve lies just a stones throw away. This awe-inspiring, galatic lightshow is viewed from one of the only places on earth where you feel you could actually reach out and touch the universe... and if you're incredibly lucky you may catch the unbelievable “Southern Lights” (Aurora Australis.)

And for for the bird lover?
New Zealand is your holy grail.