When Nature Delivers!

THE ROAR in these parts, starts mid March and continues to the end of April. This is the prime time for stalking Red Stag at Stravon.

The Red Stags are at their most vocal, calling to attract the attention of mates and to also protect their territory. It involves the stags moving to their favoured rutting areas, which they defend (sometimes to the bitter end) and where they do their best to hold together their harem of hinds.

Stravon moves to a slightly different beat during this time of year - it is as if the place slips into a sixth gear. The atmosphere created is something to behold and the sound of their heartfelt challenges reverberating through the valleys is nothing short of awesome.

The excitement of trading ‘Roars’ with these magnificent beasts as they close in on you is something that cannot be described in words but trust us - it’s a feeling that will stay with you for the rest of your days.