Stravon - Strath Na Sealgair, The Valley of the Hunter

Your Safari
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We appreciate traveling to
New Zealand is a
big decision. 
To travel this distance you want things right, you deserve it after all. That’s why, the first two questions you are asking yourself before embarking on such a extraordinary journey are… 
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Our Hunts

When it comes to hunting, New Zealand’s majestic South Island holds some of the finest Big Game animals on earth and the game you'll discover at Stravon is of exceptional quality.

Experience once in a lifetime encounters with dramatic wildlife in a natural setting that almost seems tailor made, not only for the hunter but for the animals themselves. It is as near-perfect a 'hunting scene' as you will find and a big reason why the Hunters Hills are so celebrated... Read More


When it comes to our guests we believe it's all about capturing the very essence of the 'New Zealand Experience’ and we reckon this little beauty residing at 3000ft in the Hunters Hills helps us do just that... Read More

Our Game

Walking around here at Stravon feels a bit like the place that time forgot. Native virgin bush with trees, birds and fauna that date back eons. Many species thrive here because of these conditions, from the smallest of microorganisms that live under a rock, to the majestic Red Stag living above it, they all co-exist in harmony here, hunters included.

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Getting Here

Flights to New Zealand are available from many international destinations. Depending where you’re coming from, there are a number of airports that you can fly into...

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Natures Cathedral

Te Wāhipounamu - 'The Place of Greenstone' is a World Heritage Site which encapsulates Aoraki/
Mt Cook, Fiordland, Mt Aspiring and Westland National Parks. This vast, remote wilderness provides scenery which is as beautiful and striking as earth can offer...
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Hunters Hills. The Name Says It All

The Hunters Hills received their aptly suited name from the Māori leader Te Huruhuru who considered the area as his favourite hunting ground. These venerable hills that date back to the Palezoic Age (roughly 270 million years ago) have been renowned hunting grounds since man first arrived on these shores...

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High Country Comfort

Just down the road, only a stones throw away lies Hunters Downs, our hunting lodge at Terrace Downs, an alpine haven perfect for recharging your batteries in style. 

In Honour
Of A Great Outdoorsman

This dream hunt turns into complete fantasy as your journey winds itself down cruising majestic Milford Sound, not too far from where Elk were first liberated into New Zealand. Read More

Push Play

On Your Safari Through Life.
Make Sure Your Journal Has One Extraordinary Chapter.

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New Zealand's Red Stag

As you stalk a Big Red, you can return their vocal challenges, but be prepared to feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up when he bellows his response while he is closing the distance on you... 

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Mother Nature

People come and go, but the land endures and with the rejuvenation of this remarkable property, the fauna and bird life has not only come back in abundance it is now fair to say that it is flourishing.
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Cast & Blast, Explore & Discover

The South Island of New Zealand has often been described as an island with the qualities of a continent. Snowy peaks, rivers of frozen ice, rainforests, golden sand beaches, the bottomless drowned valleys of Fiordland and the Marlborough Sounds, big rivers with an even bigger night sky, this isle, quite simply has it all!

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An Eye For Detail

A good mount like any piece of good art should tell one heck of a story about not only the hunt, the animal but the experiences that surround it. Our craft must not only reflect this but it must capture and preserve the life and existence of the animal. This is of the utmost… Read More

Naturally Stunning, Stunningly Natural

When Captain James Cook rediscovered what was thought to be the great southern continent he had in fact found the last frontier for the human race itself. The last place for man to try again.

The world maps now had to be redrawn and with that the world became a very different place.

These lost islands are what is left of Gondwanaland, the ancient supercontinent from some 200 million years ago.

A land of staggering beauty with vegetation and animal life that is not found elsewhere in the world... Read More

Is There Anybody Out There?

At night the area turns into an international dark sky reserve which basically means it is one of the best stargazing venues on earth and if you're lucky enough you may catch the unbelievable "Southern Lights" (Aurora Australis)...

The Reel Deal

New Zealand holds some of the last examples of true wilderness fishing in an environment unspoiled by man.

Fish the crystal clear spring creeks for those heavy fish that await you, or high country lakes, free stone streams and the glacier fed mountain rivers that are home to some of New Zealand's largest trout and salmon... 

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