Your Experience is Assured

We appreciate traveling to New Zealand is a big decision. For starters, it's a bit of a hike. To travel across oceans, you want things right at the other end, you deserve it after all. That’s why, the first two questions you are asking yourself before embarking on an extraordinary journey such as this, are:


1) Who should I trust with our New Zealand Experience?

And to be fair, when it comes to this question, that can be a bit like working on a mystery without any clues. Outfitters alike will will give you differing tales but with similar endings. And to be honest, we’re no different, like the rest, we believe our operation to be up there with the very best. However, the one thing we all agree on is that New Zealand is the ultimate destination. What you can see and do here in a few hours, let alone 7 days is quite simply astonishing and in some circumstances, life changing.

2) Why Stravon?

We can give you two reasons as to why you can trust us with your New Zealand experience.
Firstly, your experience is assured. 
Stravon has not only set the bar but is continuing to raise the standard of guided hunting and fishing in New Zealand. We are the first guided hunting provider to have been accredited and endorsed by the New Zealand Government. This honour was achieved by earning Qualmark’s prestigious Enviro Gold and Endorsed Visitor Activity awards. Qualmark helps deliver on the promise of 100% Pure New Zealand experiences as the world's first accreditation system to include both quality and environmental assurance. Qualmark is Tourism New Zealand’s official mark of quality. 
In achieving Qualmark’s prestigious Enviro Gold, The property as well as 'Headquarters' were assessed in five key action areas, focusing on energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, community activities and conservation initiatives.
To have reached Qualmark’s Endorsed Visitor Activity status, Stravon underwent a rigorous and comprehensive on-site evaluation against industry standards of best practice. This required the business to be independently reviewed under criteria focused on the specific service, facilities, safety and operating systems that the business has in place. 
In short, if they’ve rated it. You will too.
Secondly, is Stravon itself.  
Stravon Estate is a pristine wilderness estate in the famed Hunters Hills.
The landscape here almost seems tailor made, not only for the visitor but the wildlife that live here.
This extraordinary ‘scene’ is a big reason why The Hunters Hills are so celebrated.
Coupled with our lodgings, Stravon captures the quintessential New Zealand outdoor experience superbly.
We produce all standards of cuisine and functions depending on our clients taste and preference.
Being blessed with a 'backyard' such as - Te Wāhipounamu which is quite literally at our back door, our alpine and fly fishing locations are also second to none.
  • Our Services


    Stravon offers hunting and travel expertise in the following areas:

    Professionally guided hunting & fishing
    Animal Observations
    Corporate Team Building
    Photographic Safaris
    Film / Media Productions


    In collaboration with our Enviro Gold & OutdoorsMark Awards and with your safety in the forefront of our minds we have created the Wilderness Area Response Plan or W.A.R.P.

    The W.A.R.P is exactly that, a response plan or blueprint for your hunt. Covering everything from a bee sting to your worse case scenario whilst out in the field and under our guidance.

  • Testimonials


    “Fabulous hunting area - Stags, Chamois, Wallaby and challenging mountains.
    Absolutely the finest Stag hunting area in the world. Cabin out of this world!
    World class hunting at it's finest and the guides are the same.”
    Larry Weishuhn


    “... I left New Zealand with some great trophies and great memories.
    But more importantly were the great people that I met and the friendships that were made. I know someday I will return to chase the stags of Stravon.”
    Mike E. Nielson

    “Heaven on Earth, best hunt ever.
    Stravon only takes one group at a time so it was only my wife, myself and our guide. I never expected that!
    The hut was so nice, set in the clouds. And the hunting was out of this world.
    Every detail was carefully thought out.  I would recommend this trip to everyone”
    Michael & Laura Taylor 

    “God did not get it wrong when he invented Red Deer”
    Jim Burnworth

    "But arriving at the destination made the jeopardous journey worthwhile. 
    It was out of this world.  I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. 
    I was probably halfway there at least!  The fog had added to the magic. 
    The Stravon hunting lodge was quite spellbinding. 
    As the last rays of light filtered through the evening mist, we saw a waterfall carving its way down a valley between dense bush. 
    The scenery was exactly as it had been for thousands of years."
    Marc Ellis

    “Had a great time - stags are awesome in the Roar.
    Love the Hunters Hills, can't wait to get back.”
    Ray Bunny

    “Awesome time, awesome place, awesome people - 11/10”
    Howie Morrison

    “...You have helped make my New Zealand hunting dreams come true
    and I thank you." Shoot straight and God bless!”
    Keith Mark

  • Bio-Security

    Our Environmental Statement


    We take New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna very seriously and have our own Bio-Security requirements as you arrive in New Zealand. This is to ensure that no foreign organisms or threats enter our pristine waterways. Our protection measures include cleaning and freezing your equipment overnight to ensure all threats are benign.

    Guides work exclusively for STRAVON and are expected to have an advanced knowledge of all forms of fly casting, equipment, safety, decorum/etiquette, conservation, entomology, wildlife, habitat and holistic biodiversity in order to better inform our guests of the environment and wilderness areas they are traveling to.