If only the walls could talk

Like HEADQUARTERS, our other lodging has a proud history.  A relic of a bygone era, yet some 60 years younger than Headquarters, the Kokatahi Bivouac is infused with New Zealand hunting and tramping folklore.

Originally located above the upper Kokatahi River, just above the confluence with a large unnamed side-creek that drains Bastion Ridge, The Rampart, and Mt. Ambrose. The hut was built in 1957 as a base for government employed deer cullers, it was in such a remote area that building materials and supplies had to be air dropped or found on site. 

In 2008 the Kokatahi was decommisioned for something more modern but its legacy and that of the deer cullers will live on as sits proudly at Stravon - in the high country, surrounded by deer... just how it likes it.

As you take off your boots at the front door (the only door by the way,) spare a thought for the others that have gone before you.
For 60 odd years this simple yet effective hut served as a timely shelter for many a weary hunter, angler or tramper and at times the Kokatahi must’ve looked more like a Hilton than a well weathered outpost.

Enjoy a meal from it’s pot belly oven - all the basics are here to make your stay as cozy and as authentic as ever. 
After that, tuck yourself in and fall asleep proud in the knowledge that you’re now the latest player etched into this little gems illustrious past.

Sweet dreams are made of this.


  • The Kokatahi Biv


    BUILT:  1957
    DESIGN:  NZFS S80 (New Zealand Forestry Services) - Retired
    SLEEPS:  Two people