From the 1850s to the early 1900s many species of deer, tahr, chamois, trout, salmon and even moose were introduced for sport and food.
In those days, there were three things that brought you to the lost islands of New Zealand... you had either moved here, you were visiting The Pink and White Terraces OR you had travelled here for what was fast became known as a mecca for hunting & fishing.
This, in turn heralded in the age of the professional guide. From the great Jim Muir to the modern day guide at Stravon you'll discover guidance that not only encompasses the duties of a professional guide but those of a butler, motivational coach & lifeguard.
New Zealand may be a long way away but her rewards are great and we would love nothing more than to show this magnificent country and her bounty to you.


  • Stravon

    The Estate

    FOUNDED:  1864
    GAME:  Red Stag / Wapiti / Whitetail / Chamois / Fallow
                  Arapawa Ram / Alpine Goat / Turkey / Wallaby / Pheasant
    NATIVES: Native & endemic birds at Stravon
    SEASON: All Year
    LODGINGS:  Headquarters
    INCLUSIVE: Stravon Guide
    The Estate caters to all ages & fitness levels BUT make no mistake, Stravon is big country. If you were to flatten Stravon out, the estate would probably be more like 5x it's actual size, and this is the beauty of Stravon, with so many nooks and valleys, there are adventures awaiting up, down or over the next ridge. Conservation is at the core of what we do, something that will become evident to all guests upon arrival. Beautiful forests of native bush & trees all assist in helping produce a world class environment for not only our wildlife but for you. This landscape dates back to the Paleozoic Age and even though it took millions of years for Stravon to make an impression here... we reckon it'll take far less to leave one on you.
  • Our Services


    Stravon offers hunting, fly fishing and travel expertise in the following areas:

    Professionally guided hunting & fishing
    Animal Observations
    Corporate Team Building
    Film / Media Productions



    In collaboration with our Enviro Gold & OutdoorsMark Awards and with your safety in the forefront of our minds we have created the Wilderness Area Response Plan or W.A.R.P.

    The W.A.R.P is exactly that, a response plan or blueprint for your hunt. Covering everything from a bee sting to your worse case scenario whilst out in the field and under our guidance.


  • Climate

    Packing your bags


    What we say to our guests is that they need to layer their clothes so that if the day starts out nice and then in the afternoon turns for the worst they are prepared for both situations. With New Zealand being a island nation we can experience weather from all of the seasons in a 24 hour period, none more so than the areas you’ll find yourself in with us and this is why we pack accordingly.

    STRAVON and it's other sporting destinations are found in regions of New Zealand where the weather and climate can turn for the good or bad within a few short hours. Fortunately, today’s technology with weather updates etc allows us to be updated with Mother Nature’s plans BUT the correct attire - when on safari with STRAVON is absolutely crucial.

    Click here to see our weather forecast...

  • Our Environmental Statement


    We take New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna very seriously and have our own Bio-Security requirements as you arrive in New Zealand. This is to ensure that no foreign organisms or threats enter our pristine waterways. Our protection measures include cleaning and freezing your equipment overnight to ensure all threats are benign.

    OUR GUIDES work exclusively for STRAVON and are expected to have an advanced knowledge of all forms of equipment, safety, decorum/etiquette, conservation, entomology, wildlife, habitat and holistic biodiversity in order to better inform our guests of the environment and wilderness areas they are traveling to.

Professional Hunting Guides

New Zealand

The Anglers Paradise

It was for good reason that New Zealand was aptly described as 'the anglers el' dorado' as it has always been a fly fishing mecca as this early tourism poster depicts.

Jim Muir

New Zealand's Greatest Guide

There was an article written about a famous Indian guide who was described as the 'best guide in the world' in a large newspaper. Upon reading this, those who had been guided by Jim Muir said he could match all of those qualities and add many more. Muir was undoubtedly one of the great guides, he seldom failed to satisfy his clients and that's probably why the likes of Eddie Herrick (next slide), one of New Zealand's outstanding sportsman always traveled with this magnificent outdoorsman.


Eddie Herrick

Here's Eddie Herrick, seen here standing in the creek that now bears his name in Wet Jacket Arm with his bull Moose. Eddie spent nearly three months a year in this area for thirty years (10 years!) of his life.

We certainly like the cut of his jib as we love it down there too.

This photo was taken by his guide the late, great Jim Muir.


Deer Stalking

New Zealand has always been a mecca for deer stalking as this early tourism poster indicates.