The snow and glaciers of New Zealand’s highest peaks spawn hundreds of gushing streams, rivers and lakes across a landscape that’s silence is as large as the region is vast. 
This unspoiled frontier lies only a stones throw from HEADQUARTERS and is at the centre of Stravon's angling operations in the South Island. DARK SKY is the ideal location to explore trout fishing in all its forms, from rugged white water mountain streams where rainbow trout rule to sublime spring creek upstream dry fly waters where big browns rise all day long, this is a place where alluvial freestone rivers, mountain streams, spring creeks and lake delta all come together. 
Oh and one more thing... when the sun sets you'll find yourself under the spell of the world's largest Dark Sky Reserve, so, on your marks, get set and buckle in for an experience light years ahead of the rest.


  • The Fishery

    GAME:  Brown Trout / Rainbow Trout / Salmon
    SEASON:  November to April
    WATER:  Rivers / Lakes
    NATIVE:  Black Stilt or Kakï.
                    One of the world’s rarest birds - 90 birds survive.
    INCLUSIVE:  Stravon Guide
                           Heli transfers
  • Flylife

    Issue #87