Strath Na Sealgair


Hunting at Stravon is completely sustainable. Our management and proven systems ensures the herds at Stravon are of exceptional quality. However, there's a fine line restoring the balance between the environment and these herds. Culling is essential to maintaining this balance.  Too many deer and there's the risk of disease, too many deer and they'll eat out the understorey of our native forest, hurting the natural habitat of our endemic & native bird populations. 

Hunting is conducted by foot and/or if fitness levels aren’t what they once were, we then use our Polaris Rangers (2x6 seaters and 3 seaters) to help guests into a good observation points. Our hunts are set inside the estate where we have populations of Whitetail, Chamois, Wallaby, Wapiti, Alpine Goat, Fallow, Turkey, Pheasant, Arapawa Ram and of course Red Stag. Throughout the experience, amongst other things, you will be informed of our conservation techniques, the entomology, wildlife, habitat and holistic biodiversity of the environment.

THE ROAR starts mid March and continues to the end of April - this is the prime time for stalking Stags.  The following months are the rut & bugle of the Fallow & Wapiti. Followed by the best months for chasing Tahr & Chamois. Our alpine hunting locations are only minutes away - the flight, a journey in itself and one that takes you via some of New Zealand's greatest natural wonders.

Assisting you through all of this will be your Stravon Guide. Our team are highly skilled on many levels and are dedicated to providing you with a completely unique and unforgettably natural experience.

Red Stag

Cervus elaphus




Macropus rufogriseus

* We recommend packing 100 rounds or more.


Hemitragus jemlahicus


Dama dama




Rupicapra Rupicapra


Odocoileus virginianus


Cervus elaphus nelsoni

Arapawa Ram

Ovis aries


Phasianus colchicus

White Stag

Cervus elaphus

Alpine Goat

Capra hircus


Meleagris gallopavo

Wild Pig

Sus scrofa


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