Camo Kids



  • Hunting

    Game:  Deer | Wallaby
    Duration: Two Nights (August - February ONLY)
    Stay: Headquarters | Kokatahi Bivouac - at your request
    Inclusive: Stravon Guide / Lodgings


    Stravon isn't the kind of place where you'll struggle to find adventure, the Estate caters to all ages & fitness levels. "You'll Learn No Harm From The Hills" is an old mantra in these parts and to be honest, never has a truer word been spoken. The High Country really is the perfect tonic, so whether it's a first hunt, a graduation gift or a well overdue family get together, you’ll discover Stravon the ideal destination for the experience you seek. Spend quality family time whilst under the watchful eye of your professional hunting guide - who at the right times will instruct and enlighten you with all you need to know about hunting & gathering in New Zealand.

    Stay at Headquarters or snuggle in at the Kokatahi Bivouac - the experience is yours.


  • Fishing

    GAME:  Brown Trout
    DURATION: Two Nights
    LODGINGS: Twin Rivers
    INCLUSIVE: Stravon Guide / Lodgings


    You'll learn our 'Three C's' (Casting, Catching & Cooking) and everything else that goes with the great outdoors. From fly tying to lighting the fire, all the bases are covered in this West Coast experience AND don't forget your cameras because mum's & dad's don't frame photos of kids playing video games.


  • You're In Safe Hands


    In collaboration with our Enviro Gold & OutdoorsMark Awards and with your safety in the forefront of our minds we have created the Hunting Area Response Plan or H.A.R.P.

    The H.A.R.P is exactly that, a response plan or blueprint for your hunt. Covering everything from a bee sting to your worse case scenario whilst out in the field and under our guidance.