Taking the power back

We’re on the war path.
We absolutely loath destructive pests like the (stuffed) one you see above.
For too long, too many of our native & endemic birds have fallen to introduced predators. Through no fault of their own, our first New Zealanders were invaded by an enemy that spread to the forests and without mercy feast on them, their young and their eggs. It's incredibly sad to even think that our national identity - the Kiwi is threatened with extinction by these invaders... but it is.
On the home front, the past 15 years have been spent taking the fight back to these destructive pests that had been causing such carnage to the native & endemic species that call Stravon home. Possums, feral cats, mustelids and anything else harmful are all in the gun. Not only do we hunt them with passion, several hundred strategically set traps throughout the estate and the planting of more native flora are starting to give our defenceless natives the life they deserve. The signs are healthy; rapidly diminishing pest numbers has seen our bird life increase one hundred fold. 
This is a war worth fighting and from where we stand – it’s a war where NO prisoners will be taken.

Bush Wren

Xenicus longipes



Heteralocha acutirostris



Dinornis novaezelandiae



Harpagornis moorei (Haast's Eagle)


Illustration by Colin Edgerley


Aptornis defossor


Laughing Owl

Sceloglaux albifacies


North & South Island Pio Pio

Turnagra tanagra & Turnagra capensis


New Zealand Bittern

Ixobrychus novaezelandiae


New Zealand Swan

Cygnus atratus sumnerensis


South Island Kokako*

Callaeas cinerea
$10,000 Reward for credible proof that there are still South Island kokako left in the wild. Last seen in 1967.