You can check out but you'll never leave

The saying "Home is Where the Heart is" may never ring clearer than when you're standing in our back country retreat 3,500 feet above sea level. Originally built in 1895 down at the Homestead, HEADQUARTERS is from a time long since gone. For 130 years this hut served as a refuge for cattle drovers and deer stalkers throughout South Canterbury. During the 1930's it was transported by horseback to it's present location where it has sat in the clouds ever since.
The hut's pioneer flavour remains, however, tastefully hidden are the mod cons of today.  And that’s really the uniqueness of Headquarters - its ability to turn itself on and off. With the flick of a switch you can remove yourself from 21st century comforts one second, to the days of the early pioneers the next.
And speaking of pioneers, just down the hallway on the western wing you’ll find SHACKLETON'S, our house bar that tips it's cap to the natural history of New Zealand and raises it's glass to Antarctica and the courage that conquered it.
We know every one of our guests are unique, and so is every adventure. That's why you'll discover, our hospitality, our wildlife & our renowned geography is what makes Stravon, Stravon and that's something, we believe captures the very SPIRIT of New Zealand’s great outdoors.
And that’s the SPIRIT we want to deliver to your soul.