Seeing is believing

Walking through STRAVON can have you feeling like you're on the set of Jurassic Park and to be fair, it is a lot like a 'lost world'... however, there are no dinosaurs (although Moa & Pouakai ruled here long ago) but an abundance of native and introduced wildlife living in a timeless wilderness that is exclusively yours to explore & discover.

Stravon lies on the eastern face of The Hunters Hills. These venerable hills date back to the Paleozoic Age (roughly 270 millions years ago) and have been renowned hunting grounds since man first arrived on these shores. Its name derives from the great Maori leader Te Huruhuru who coined them so, not only for it's bounty but for the fact that it was his Turangawaewae or 'place to stand.'

During the day, sit snugly & patiently under Stravon's canopy whilst focusing in on our unique wildlife and natural surrounds. At night the neighbouring region turns itself into a the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve which is one place on earth where you feel you could reach out and touch the universe.

The Estate captures the outdoor experience superbly BUT make no mistake, Stravon is big country. If you were to flatten her out, the Estate would probably be more like 5x it's actual size. And this is the beauty of the place, with so many nooks and valleys, there are adventures awaiting the explorer, up, down or over the next ridge. Beautiful forests of native virgin bush & trees that date thousands of years help produce an environment that is a magnificent habitat for our wildlife to exist in.

Although Stravon took millions of years to make an impression, it will take a little less to leave one on you.


  • Stravon

    The Estate

    FOUNDED:  1864
    GAME:  Red Stag / Wapiti / Whitetail / Chamois / Fallow
                  Arapawa Ram / Alpine Goat / Turkey / Wallaby / Pheasant
    NATIVES: Native & endemic birds at Stravon
    SEASON: All Year
    LODGINGS:  Headquarters
    INCLUSIVE: Stravon Guide
  • Into the Wild

    Beyond Stravon


    Earth's wilderness areas are not as common as they once were, yet most of the South Island is wild. Here, untamed rivers flow through mountainous terrain where fish & game are in high abundance. Beneath New Zealand's highest peaks & icefields are hundreds of rivers, streams & spring creeks that course their way through vast stretches of undisturbed wilderness.

    *Stravon Safaris holds concessions to land on conservation lands throughout the South Island, providing further wilderness experiences.