Seeing is believing

You can be forgiven for feeling like you're walking through the set of Jurassic Park and to be fair, it is a lot like a 'lost world'... there are no dinosaurs (although Moa & Pouakai ruled here long ago) but what you will discover is an abundance of native and introduced wildlife, living in a timeless wilderness that is exclusively yours to explore & discover.

Make no mistake, Stravon is big country. If you were to flatten her out, the Estate would probably be more like 5x it's actual size. And this is the beauty of the place, with so many nooks and valleys there are adventures awaiting the explorer, up, down or over the next ridge. Stravon captures the quintessential Kiwi outdoor experience superbly. With this, STRAVON SAFARIS holds concessions to land on conservation lands throughout the South Island, providing our guests with alpine and fly fishing experiences that are second to none.

When you experience it. You get it.


  • The Estate


    GAME:  Red Stag / Wapiti / Whitetail / Chamois / Fallow
                  Arapawa Ram / Alpine Goat / Turkey / Wallaby / Pheasant
    DURATION: Two night minimum
    NATIVE: Native & endemic birds at Stravon
    SEASON: All Year
    LODGINGS:  Headquarters
    INCLUSIVE: Stravon Guide
                          Heli transfers
  • The Region

    From the 1850's-1900's many species were first released into New Zealand for sport and it was in South Canterbury where deer, tahr, chamois, wallaby, trout & salmon quickly found their new home. Stravon Estate was founded in 1864 yet is from a region where hunting & fishing has always been a way of life... it was for good reason the The Hunters Hills has it's name, named by the great Maori leader Te Huruhuru for the fact that it was his Tūrangawaewae or special place... however, back then, it wasn't venison on the menu, it was Moa
    If you were to stand on top of Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest point - looking due east towards the Pacific Ocean, South Canterbury would form a square in front of you. The area swoops down from the western boundary, New Zealand’s highest ridge. Continuing eastward, rolling hills rise and fall, flattening into the plains that stretch to the Pacific Ocean. The northern and southern boundaries are the braided Rangitātā and Waitaki rivers which provide fabulous freshwater action as well as a couple of location shots for all you Tolkien fans out there. And when the lights go out, a large portion of this gorgeous region turns into what is, quite possibly the best star gazing venue on Earth.
    With natural boundaries as good as this and the wealth of wildlife that lives inside them, you can see why it has to be seen to be believed.